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When we opted to feature BBW art on this blog, we expected that most of our artists would be male fat admirers with their own personal interest in creating work that reflected their own ideas of beauty. We’re pleased to say, however, that the second artist we are profiling is a proud, beautiful fat girl in her own right – an artist who pulls from her own experience as a woman and plus-sized person. This is not to say that Toni Crane (also known as Toni Tails for those of you who know her as an adult model) only draws fat girls – she works in a variety of themes as you will read about in this exclusive interview with The Daily BBW.

"She's Got Legs" by Toni Crane

The Daily BBW: Let’s jump right into things! How long have you been creating art?

Toni: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t create art, honestly. I’ve always loved to draw and color. My earliest memory of drawing is at four years old, scribbling on a yellow legal pad. My mom says I created finger painted on the walls when I was in diapers, though unfortunately my medium at the time was residing in my diaper.

TDB: What inspires you creatively?

Toni: I enjoy creating images that I hope will inspire people, especially women. I’m all about supporting other women and have even learned to accept support from them as well. It’s an empowering exchange of imagery and ideas, creating art and sharing it. I love when an image creates a dialogue.

TDB: I noticed you feature big, beautiful women in many of your works. Is it a matter of drawing what you know or is there a deeper appreciation of the larger female form?

Toni: I love to draw women of all shapes and sizes. However, I am drawn to the fuller figure. Part of that is my need to create a beautiful image that can be recognized as both beautiful and fat. Many people, especially larger folks, have a hard time correlating those ideas. I hope to change some of the negative perspectives many ladies have concerning their bodies. I hear wonderful things from women all the time saying they can imagine their own beauty partially because of seeing my work. That is the best compliment I can ever receive! And, yes, it’s also an aesthetic that pleases my eye, on a personal level!

"Huddled" by Toni Crane

TDB: Do you work predominantly digitally or do you paint/draw the “old fashioned way” as well?

Toni: Most of my work is commissioned and created digitally, but I love to draw and paint the old-fashioned way! I don’t think when I paint. I just let it flow. I’m drawing from a well within. I’m the quintessential tortured artist, a survivor of an abusive childhood and a violent marriage. I am often plagued with terrible memories and nightmares. However, when I connect the brush to the canvas and create abstract, sweeping, swirling lines, it helps me connect to an inner peace.

TDB: What is your favorite medium?

Toni: Play-doh!

"Green Girl" by Toni Crane

TDB: What major themes do you explore in your work?

Toni: Surviving amid chaos… creating a world of peace despite a world of pain… Girl Power! fierce, sexy, sensual, vulnerable, strong, fat, and confident girl power!


TDB: Do you see a correlation between modeling and your art? Do they complement each other?

The artist and her work. "Belly Love" by Toni Crane

Toni: Absolutely! I have several pieces which combine both, as a matter of fact. I like to express myself artistically in my shoots as well when I can. It’s always awesome when I connect with a photographer that feels the same way. I have one piece I call “Belly Love” that splashes around all over the place. It’s one of my favorites.

TDB: Where can fans purchase your work?  Do you take commissions?

Toni: Yes I do. I sell prints on my website, but I garner most of my commissions via Facebook, and that’s the best place to reach me.

TDB: Best of luck in all your ventures, Toni. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us!

Toni: Thanks a lot for having me!


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  1. 4th April 2014 | Tonya Rosenberg says: Reply
    As a BBW myself, I love seeing images that portray women of size in the same beautiful ways we've always seen thinner women. Our world is a diverse one, filled with people of ALL shapes and sizes, after all!
  2. 4th April 2014 | Jimmy Parker says: Reply
    Toni is a very talented artist who is very comfortable in her skin.
  3. 19th July 2014 | Blutech says: Reply
    Love Tonis Fatman illustration

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