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TDB: Congrats on your new site,! What made you take the plunge into adult modeling to begin with?

Adeline: Thank you! I kind of just stumbled onto a few of the other models’ sites and I thought, Wow, these girls are so beautiful and confident and I was instantly attracted to the idea of myself modeling. I didn’t know anything about the industry when I started, so I applied to model for a few sites, and the rest is history!

TDB: There’s a lot of debate in the BBW world as to what constitutes “porn.” Do you fall into the camp of “porn is anything intended to make people masturbate,” or do you consider only hardcore content to be porn (vs. solo adult modeling as “erotica”)?

Adeline: I would definitely consider most BBW porn to fall under the category of “erotica.” I don’t think you can lump eating chocolate cake in a video in the same category as the things you might see in a hardcore video!

TDB: What’s your favorite part of showing off that big, beautiful bod online?

Adeline: It has been a very empowering and fun experience for me. I love getting to show people a different side of myself that I don’t get to show often!

TDB: What do you prefer doing – photosets or videos?

Adeline: I honestly love doing both!

TDB: Let’s get a little more personal for a moment.  What’s your biggest turn-on?

Adeline: My biggest turn on is intelligence. There is nothing that makes me more stimulated than a man who reads. Oh, and being fed cupcakes!

TDB: Let’s say somebody saw you walking through the mall and recognized you.  Would you want them to say hello, say nothing, or smile/wink?

Adeline: I would love if someone who recognized me approached me in public to say hi. I’m super friendly and outgoing and love getting to know people! I’ve actually had a few people tell me that they have seen me going to different concerts in my city, but none of them actually said hi!

TDB: Adeline, thanks so much for chatting with us. Look forward to seeing *more* of you soon!

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