Favorite BBW in TV Series

Chubby lovers often decry the lack of BBW representation on their TV and movie screens, but lo and behold, we have some great examples that you can program into your DVR right now. Let us know who we missed in the comments section!

Retta playing Donna Meagle on “Parks and Recreation.” Probably one of the boldest, sassiest portrayals of a plus-size character online, Retta infuses Donna with a joie de vivre and inherent sexual confidence that puts most female characters to shame. Leaving a string of panting lovers in her wake, she owns it. Take a cue from one of Donna’s famous phrases and “treat yo’self” to some awesome Retta! (Kudos also to the P&R writers for creating such a great character and the costume designers who put her in bold, attention-grabbing colors)

Rebel Wilson as Kimmy Boubier in “Super Fun Night.” While we haven’t really fallen in love with this show, we do love Rebel Wilson, the curvy Aussie better known as “Fat Amy” to film fans. The show’s premise, three “nerdy” girlfriends in search of the ultimate Friday night experience, does lend itself to some choice costuming opportunities, as you can see.


Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn on “Mike & Molly.” Hot off the success of “Bridesmaids,” McCarthy won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of one half of a couple who met at an Overeaters Anonymous Meeting. Viewers also get a bonus with the voluptuous actress Katy Mixon thrown in for good measure!


Sarah Baker playing Vanessa on FX’s “Louie.”  In a recent episode titled, “So Did the Fat Lady,” diminuitive blonde Sarah Baker imbues her character with pluck and humor that avoids the overused fatty-go-boom comedy trope. When her character tells Louis C.K. that the meanest thing you can say to a fat girl is that she’s not fat, it unleashed a torrent of think-pieces from sites like the AV Club, Vulture and Bustle on representation and marginalization.

Terra Hazelton playing Sarah Stubbs on BBC America’s “Orphan Black.” While only featured in a minor role so far in season two of the sci-fi hit, Terra is a curvy beauty with one of the best booties on TV!



Brooke Elliot playing Jane Bingham on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.” Playing the smart and beautiful heroine of this charming little show, Brooke Elliot plays against stereotype to bring a well-rounded plus-size character to life. When she almost dies in a shooting, plump lawyer Jane Bingham’s body is inhabited by the soul of a fashion model who died in a car accident at the same time.

Elizabeth Webster playing Walda Frey on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Even though the makeup team at GoT does their best to cloak Webster’s natural beauty, a quick Google search will show you that she’s super cute in real life. We hope to see more of her and her sexy body on upcoming seasons of GoT.




Honorable Mentions:

Camryn Mannheim – Person of Interest

Mindy Kaling – The Mindy Project

Kirstie Alley – Kirstie







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  1. 19th July 2014 | Blutech says: Reply
    Thumbs up for Terra Hazelton, fantastic butt ;)
  2. 19th July 2014 | Morseman says: Reply
    +1 Terra
  3. 19th July 2014 | OustSA says: Reply
    Mindy is pretty hot, want to see her with an extra 50lbs.

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