Toil: Modern Pinup Pioneer

If you are a fan of big girls and pinup art, no doubt you are familiar with the work of the fabulous artist, Les Toil.  His enormous catalogue of BBW illustrations has been purloined by many websites and meme-creators looking for examples of gorgeously fat pinup babes.  Drawing inspiration from classic pinup artists like Duane Bryers (the creative genius behind Hilda), custom Toil portraits are on virtually every fat girl’s wishlist.  Tongue-in-cheek, Toil refers to himself as an “arteest,” but we think it undercuts the real talent behind his work.

Each “Toil Girl” commission is drawn with painstaking detail and true affection for the subject matter.  Toil interviews the lucky lady to get to know her better so that he can draw a piece that truly reflects her personality.  From foxy fat chicks on atomic-style 50’s rockets, to voluptuous Viking maidens, zaftig zombie killers and boudoir beauties, he’s drawn it all!

The style of Toil’s work is often imitated but you simply can’t beat the original.  Visit his site to check out his work, read more about his beloved Hilda, or purchase some swag from the Toil Shop.

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