, What is a BBW ?

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What is a BBW?  At its most basic level, the acronym stands for Big Beautiful Woman (a term we saw as early as the late 70′s) and it’s definition has been the topic of much debate ever since people started using it, particularly since the early days of the Internet gave us a forum in which to explore and talk about our desires.  For many years, the term BBW was commonly applied to women ranging from pleasantly plump to those who weighed 500 pounds or more.  Not the most specific terminology — in fact, for many it’s been downright confusing, especially when you are talking about hundreds of pounds of difference between the two extremes.

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Adult websites haven’t helped the matter either – to this day, if you do a search for BBW websites, your results will range the whole gamut – from big-boobed but slim MILFs to supersized sexpots and everything in between.  Not surprisingly, we are seeing more and more categories and terminology used to define our preferences: plumpers, chubbies, SSBBW (supersized big beautiful woman), PAWG and whooty, to name a few.

Many people have tried to define these plus-sized pretties by weight, but it tends to be an inaccurate gauge.  A 5’2″ 250-lb woman will carry weight much differently than a 5’11″ 250-lb woman.  Where one would be considered very fat, the other probably would be characterized by most people as “thick.”

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The short answer is that there is no short answer.  BBW is still a widely encapsulating term and, like most things, subject to extensive personal interpretation.  Just look at the huge range of lovely shapes and sizes available to us – who are we to complain about words when they leave us speechless!

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  1. 11th February 2014 | ATLbhm says: Reply
    Clothing size gives a good idea.
  2. 11th February 2014 | Nothing_for_nothing says: Reply
    my gf is size 18. is that bbw ?
  3. 11th February 2014 | morseman says: Reply
    OMG ?
  4. 11th February 2014 | Bluetech says: Reply
    I think it's hard to pin down a simple definition for BBW, as every person is a little bit different. It is largely a matter of perspective. Do you consider yourself fat? Would the average person who sees you consider you fat? Do you own it, and consider yourself beautiful despite or even because of that perception? Then you're a BBW. My rule of thumb for if you're a SSBBW, would be if you could lose half your weight and still be considered a BBW.
    • 13th February 2014 | ATLbhm says: Reply
      Agreed BT, unsolvable and largely perspective, both for girl and admirer. For me clothing size is a good rule of thumb and just accept that everyone's perspective is different whether I agree or not.

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