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If you’re a confident, sexy plus-size woman with an Internet connection, you have likely seen various adult websites featuring BBW and SSBBW models strutting their stuff and, presumably, earning some cash while doing it.  For many women, having their own porn site is fun, empowering and rewarding, but, like anything worth doing, it has its own challenges.  Wondering whether it’s right for you?  Read this checklist to find out!

Have you already experimented with taking photos and videos?  This is the first place to start since many webmasters in the amateur niche will require you to provide your own content on a regular basis.  Your content doesn’t have to be professional, but it does have to be good quality (e.g., using a decent digital camera with good lighting) an iPhone in the mirror is fine for sending in a few photo’s sample photo’s to the company you wish to work with, but you should also look to own or have access to equipment that produces good results.

Are you comfortable with your body?  If you’re reading this article, you probably are, but if you find yourself looking for the “thinnest” or “most flattering” angle when going through your own pictures, you may want to practice more in front of the camera before jumping head-first into your own site.  People who subscribe to BBW and SSBBW websites do so because they want to see each belly roll, cellulite dimple, and extra chin.  If somebody wants to see a skinny porn, they have plenty of sites to choose from.  Flaunt that fabulous fat figure, girl!

Do you like sexy outfits?  Baggy sweatpants and oversized tees are not the stuff that chubby chasers’ dreams are made of.  Subscribers want to see fat girls in the type of clothing and costumes that they don’t get to see every day.  Think short minidresses, tight leggings, sexy lingerie, naughty nurse uniforms and more.  If you feel comfortable showing off your hot, big body in these sorts of clothes, adult modeling is a great opportunity to do so!

Do you have a customer/client-facing job or young children?  Let’s face it – a concern for some webmodels is being found out (by family, coworkers, friends, PTA buddies, etc.).  This is a valid concern for those preferring to fly under those peoples radar and naturally should be taken into consideration before posting *any* suggestive photos online.  Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there in perpetuity. There are many models who successfully balance their website, family and career and although the risks of discovery are actually quite low, they also understand that potential risk does exist.

Are you offended by being called fat?  In the BBW niche, adjectives like “fat,” “chubby,” and “huge” are terms of endearment, not derision.  Fans may send you graphically sexual emails, tweet you pictures of their cocks, and say things you wouldn’t expect.  While nobody should feel obligated to subject themselves to anything that is truly offensive, it is important to understand that not every sentiment will be music to your ears.  As Mad Men’s Don Draper so aptly stated in “The Suitcase” (arguably the best episode of the series in this blogger’s opinion), “That’s what the money is for,” and we all like to get paid!

Are you a hard worker?  Adult website money is not *easy* money and there are no guarantees as to how much you will make.  Some models make enough to replace a full time job, some make enough to take an extra vacation each year and others do it simply for the fun of it.  Much of a website’s success comes down to physical attributes and interesting content, but there is one thing you can count on – the most successful webmodels in the industry work their fat asses off!  Between marketing, social media, shooting, and editing, be ready to devote some decent time to your website each week.  It stands to reason that you get out of it what you put in. If you don’t think you have the time for your own website, you might also look into opportunities for one-off adult modeling gigs.

Why do you want your own website?  For fun? Because it makes you feel sexy?  Because you are an exhibitionist at heart?  These are all great reasons to do adult modeling! Like any other job, you have to enjoy doing it or you probably won’t last long.  Chances are, though, your first email from an adoring fan and you’ll be hooked!



If after considering these questions, you are still interested in taking the plunge into getting your own adult BBW website, contact a company like Dangerous Curves Design. They have been operating plus sized adult websites for over ten years and the longevity and experience of the company behind your website should naturally be high on your priority list. They’ve also done many one-off paid photoshoots for amateurs wanting to model and earn extra cash without the regular work of a website, so there are options for everyone.

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