Teighlor – Supersized Porn Star

Any admirer of supersized ladies is going to be familiar with Teighlor. At over 700 lbs, she was possibly one of the largest – and certainly one of the earliest – trailblazers in plus-sized pornography.

Teighlor had a photographic and movie career starting in the early 1990s, with spreads in the very popular BUF Magazine and movies such as Fatliners and Freak Show. There was even a blow up doll available at one point; although it is said that Teighlor herself made no contribution to its creation, received no revenues and the maker simply used her name and attached it to a low quality plus-size blow up doll.

Most magazine spreads that Teighlor featured in (with models like Layla Lashell) were of a hardcore nature. One featured a threesome with a muscular man, Teighlor and Layla Lashell. There have been many inquires in online forums as to the movie version of these magazine photos, but as much as I do not wish to be the bearer of bad news, the film versions simply do not exist. If you’re looking for them, it’s time to give up the dream.

What is surprising to many is that Teighlor’s porn output during her active years was actually quite small. She filmed and was featured in movies from such companies as Filmco, Totally Tasteless, 4Play and Executive. Some of the videos are actually compilations and the movie inside is merely made up of various scenes from a variety of models to suit the topic of the movie and cobbled together from the five actual scenes she did.

1990 Life in the Fat Lane 1 Filmco
1990 Fatliners Executive Video
1991 Fatliners 2 Executive Video
1991 Freak Show 1 Filmco
1991 Dr. Butts 1 4-Play Video
1991 Life in the Fat Lane 2 Filmco
1992 Witching Hour Forbidden Films
1997 Fat Girls Need Love Too Pirate Video
2003 Wizard of Odds 2 Totally Tasteless

There was no one else competing with Teighlor in the early 1990s for sheer size and the willingness to appear in hardcore porn. A little Teighlor trivia: Teighlor (real name Debra Perkins) was 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighed around 719lbs (325 kg) at her peak and, to match her rather large dimensions, she also sported a high IQ (143). Big, beautiful and bright Teighlor really was quite the package! She died at the age of 56 in 2011 of cancer that went undiagnosed. Throughout her life, Debra was always a strong advocate for those that were overweight. She was particularly helpful to those who were considered shut-ins due to their sized or were suffering due to their weight.

Immortalized in film forever, Teighlor will bring enjoyment to FAs everywhere, new and old, that love to see the heaviest women having sex and enjoying their erotic and exhibitionist sides.

She also appeared on the following shows:

Hide Hide Self
2006 A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex Episode #1.1 (TV Series)



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  1. 24th January 2014 | Guy4ssbbw says: Reply
    Been a Teighlor fan for many years. lovely woman, so sad she is no longer with us.
  2. 30th January 2014 | Zunish says: Reply
    Teighlor and Ron Jeremy scenes FTW

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