Badass BBW Bellydancing

Photo by Frank Kovalchek


Love big bellies?  If so, you know that seeing them in motion is simplyone of the greatest pleasures you can have.  Luckily there are some amazing BBW belly dancers who are changing the way the world looks at big girls.  They’re demonstrating that plus size people have moves, too, and that the age-old belief that fat people are lazy is simply a myth.  Here are some fantastically inspiring – and sexy! – videos we found.

If you know where people can take fat-friendly belly dancing classes, leave us a comment below! In the meantime, check out these bellydancing tips for newbs!

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  1. 1st March 2014 | Bernie says: Reply
    We need to see some super sized girls belly dancing
    • 2nd March 2014 | The Daily BBW says: Reply
      Let us know if you find any - we'd love to see that!

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