Theft Auto V – Someone at Rockstar Loves Fat Girls

Someone at Rockstar Games likes their women with a lot of junk in the trunk. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you’re a gamer with a preference for large ladies, take a look at GTA Five (GTAV) for example. It won’t take long before you’re cruising around in a Pegassi Vacca and your keen eye will spot some extremely wide assed honies going about their business.
With titles like GTAV, it doesn’t seem that we’re left wanting with the size of the ladies either – the character programmer certainly wasn’t interested in a mere ten pounds over a soccer mom weight; they really went for deliciously big hips, rotund stomachs, large tits and big butts, and for this we applaud them heartily. I only started GTA V a few weeks ago (yes I know it’s been out for a while) but this new vista of heavy ladies brings a very welcome and sorely lacking element to gaming and I’m really glad to have picked up this latest version.

One thing that’s missing I think is the dating element that has been available in past GTAs and big women in the strip clubs. You can get a lap dance from the regular strip club women but no 300lb big-butted hottie is going to step out and plant her meaty ass on your lap. Not yet anyway – maybe next time eh Rockstar ;) For now, keep these particular character artists on board – they’re doing an awesome job featuring such heavenly women in GTAV.

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Gordon Bleu

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  1. 24th January 2014 | Japitt says: Reply
    didn't know about this game.
  2. 24th January 2014 | GaryMT says: Reply
    Tons of fatties in GTA games.
  3. 30th January 2014 | Zunish says: Reply
    One BBW they have walking around Los Santos has a really big ass and can see her thong above her jeans, I'm like yeah bro, I'm gon grab me some of that.

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