is Squashing Fetish?

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Have you ever fantasized about being crushed under the overwhelming weight of a gorgeous big woman?  Does the idea of being sat on by a fat, juicy ass make your libido stir?  If you answered yes, you join the legions of fans of BBW squashing!

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For the uninitiated, squashing is a sexual fetish where a dominant (in this case, a plus-sized woman) uses their weight to sit or lay down on top of another person, causing compression, loss of breath and other sensations.  Like most other forms of BDSM-type play, participants often establish a safe word or other gesture to indicate a request to stop or break.  Since begging for mercy is a common and pleasurable part of the squashing experience, this is particularly important. There are other extensions of this fetish act, such as trampling, facesitting, tit smothering and more.

Amazon Amanda, who offers squashing sessions and a ton of dominance-related content on her website, poses this question to her potential victims: “Always thought of experiencing the Immense pressure of being completely smothered and crushed while being caught beneath My ass with absolutely no hope for escape?” If that’s the sort of question that really makes you blood boil, then you’re likely a squashing devotee.  And, chances are, if you are a “squashee” (on the receiving end of all that heavy flesh), you already know why you like it, but here at The Daily BBW, we wanted to find out what the “squashers” get out of it.  We contacted some of the more experienced BBW squashers we know to get their take on why this is such a turn-on for them.

Mysti Mountains, of says that squashing is an extension of the massage therapy that she does, but she gets off on the fact that her subjects are submitting to her and acknowledging that she is in control.  She says:

“Struggling gets them nowhere. When they reach that point, they begin to focus on the little things. Every breath becomes more focused. Funny enough, I have some very high powered clients that use my services, because they say it is the only time they are actually able to truly relax.”

Mysti found that there was such a high demand for squashing content that she recently opened and invited her SSBBW friends to join in the fun.

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SSBBW Lailani, the “German Squashing Queen” began squashing her legions of willing subjects back in 2006 when she started modeling online.  On her website, she offers paid squashing sessions and her site features a wide variety of fetish content. She told us that she loves it when her victims beg her for mercy and that her favorite places to sit are the belly, chest and head.  When interviewed about her squashing sessions, she had a question for smaller men who enjoy the fetish: “I wonder if it feels like being buried alive when my fat is flooded over their skinny body.”

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