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Feederism is an erotic activity that has gotten a fair amount of public notice in the past few years. From movies like Feed (2005) to tabloid talk shows like Dr. Oz and TLC’s Strange Sex series, the portrayals have been mostly negative or sensationalistic.  Mainstream media has capitalized on the public’s fear of a fat body and the diet industry’s demonization of even the slightest weight gain.

At its most basic level, feederism can be defined as a sexual activity in which arousal is obtained from overfeeding.  Feederism is often talked about in conjunction with fat admiration, weight gain or expansion fantasies, but all may be mutually exclusive.  We went to the source – actual feeders and feedees – to learn what it is that is so hot about this “growing” paraphilia.

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BBW Model Bettie Pumpkin remarked on how difficult it can be to accurately portray the appeal of being fed, “Feeding for me is something very personal — it’s a part of my life and my sex life.  Of course I love to share my growing body with everyone that wants to see it, but the real feeding goes on in private. I have done a lot of interviews about feeding on television shows, magazines and papers and it’s always about how and why, but it’s actually hard to explain why. It’s both submission and domination in one, it’s a fetish and it’s a game and I love to play it.”


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“For me, being a feedee is all about giving into my desires,” says model and artist, Cyd Delicious. “As a hedonist I live for pleasure, especially the amazing feeling of stuffing myself with all my favorite foods and watching myself get bigger. Not to mention all the incredible belly rubs!”

Ivy of, one of the BBW/SSBBW scene’s most iconic weight gain queens, gave us an inside look at the origins of her feederism interest, “I’ve been into feederism for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with the idea of fat women getting even fatter. I would see very fat women when I was out and about and would be completely mesmerized by the way that their huge bellies, booties, breasts, and hips would jiggle and move.

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When I first started gaining intentionally, I did not have a feeder but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it with every ounce of my being! I loved the way it felt when my belly would swell and grow as I stuffed myself. As the pounds piled onto my small frame, the more and more enamored I became with the idea of growing from a 180 pound “waif” into a full bodied, curvy, round, soft goddess.”  In fact, she even featured a “Weight Gain Experiment” segment on her website, where she chronicled her feeding activities and their results.

“Although my weight gain has slowed down over the past year, my stuffing sessions have gotten more intense, passionate and erotic. I’ve also been able to increase the capacity of my belly through bloating and stretching my stomach, which is a whole other amazing sensation in and of itself!”

The feeders themselves are often maligned as control freaks or people who want to somehow damage their partner, but we talked to several feeders who have a much different take on things.  “I love spoiling my girl into fantasy – I just want more of her to cuddle and love,” remarked James D. from New York, a man who has practiced feederism as a mutual desire with his partner.  “The bigger she gets I honestly just feel proud for her and excited to my beloved enhancing herself. She is my everything and I wish I could just literally make her be everything, so I guess trying to feed her everything is a start!”

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Detractors of feederism often claim that one partner is forcing their desires on another, but we’ve spoken with many couples who have convinced us otherwise. Brutus, a Dutch feeder who has been featured in several interviews in his native Netherlands, says, “I’m an out-in-the-open FA [fat admirer] and feeder in a great relationship with a feedee.  We have a lot of fun and respect each other to the fullest. Although feeding is a part of our relationship, it’s not the main goal of our life.  Being ourselves and enjoying life to the fullest is what makes us happy.”  He continued, “There will always be people who don’t fit in the mainstream; I’m one of them and I’ve accepted that.”

Sounds like a pretty healthy attitude to us, but tell us your thoughts on feederism in the comments section!

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