Hypnosis – Fun But No Substitute for Ample Flesh

For many reasons, lovers of big beautiful women may be uncomfortable with their desires, and kept their special interest in large ladies hush hush. Years of conditioning may have told them that their girls should be skinny, like a Hollywood model, or they may feel awkward dating a BBW, concerned what their chums may think.

An online hypnosis company called ‘Hypnotic4play’ who specialize in erotic hypnosis, are aware of these issues that affect BBW lovers and those who have a fetish or particular erotic kink. They understand that even in today’s online digital world there are some fetishes that are poorly catered for. They have therefore recently written a meditative hypnosis that allows the suggestible listener to come to terms with their interests and learn to love big beautiful women for all their worth.

Crudely put, their largely rhythmic hypnosis, voiced by a collection of smooth talkers, is obviously aimed at building masturbatory imagery for the fan to get heightened pleasure and enhanced relief. But in the case of their second BBW offering, ‘Love a Super-Sized BBW,’ there is more of a story to tell. Many enthusiasts could quickly dismiss this audio mp3 as a root for a quick one off the wrist but according to Hypnotic4play, despite its obvious ‘Jack Shack’ market it does have a more serious note.

In addition to hearing a sexy BBW talk about her size, it is also designed to induce a relaxing and mild trance, as well as a state of mind with the use of subliminal triggers and repetitive suggestions. With repeated plays it is likely to make the listener more accepting of their kink. In the long term this could encourage the large lady fan to advance from just looking at BBWs and SSBBWS online, to actually find and date such a lady.

We believe anything that heightens the public’s awareness of these luscious ladies and their fans is a good thing. Fat fans should accept their fetish and come to terms with what they want. Then if more people openly admired these large ladies, hypnosis like this would deliver a double whammy. Fans would be satisfied and BBWs would feel more loved and enthused to proudly display their splendid bodies.

So this begs the question does hypnosis replace the real thing? We think not, but it seems that it can certainly help feed fans imagination and develop their desires so they come to love and respect these gorgeous ladies.

Following the success of Hypnotic4plays first foray into BBW-themed hypnosis, they hope to write more. Soon to cover such favored big beautiful women subjects as feederism, dating and squashing.

Who knows, If you listen to their hypnotic mp3, you will certainly build a sexy picture in your mind but you may even woo a large lady for some ‘up close’ intimate time.

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