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TDB:  Thanks for joining us, Ivy!  How long have you been modeling and sharing your photos and videos on the Internet?

Ivy: Thanks for having me! I really can’t believe it, but it has been 10 years!

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TBD:  How do you feel about all the attention you get as a result of your website?

Ivy: It is so insanely flattering and overwhelming even after all these years! I still blush when I get an especially sweet comment or email. What girl wouldn’t love that?

TBD:  Have you ever been recognized in public?

Ivy: Yes, on quite a few occasions! More often than not the fan doesn’t actually approach me, though. I usually get an email a few hours later saying they saw me at a certain place at a certain time and that they didn’t want to bug me, which is very thoughtful. I’ve only ever had someone actually approach me on three separate occasions. I was totally caught off guard!

TBD:  Do you ever attend BBW bashes or other functions? 

Ivy: I have in the past, but haven’t been in a while. My favorite part was always the pool party! I love being in a pool in my bikini with a bunch of other gorgeous fat babes. To be perfectly honest, I’m not much of a party girl. I don’t drink and I’m kind of shy, so I’m totally out of my element at a bash. Now if there were a BBW Netflix and Chinese Takeout Bash, I would be all set! (laughs)

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TDB: You’re well-known throughout the BBW adult community as one of the most prolific gainers out there.  How much weight have you gained since you began exploring weight gain and feederism?

Ivy: I sought out and met a feeder online and then in real life when I was 16 and my first real feeder/feedee relationship started when I was 17. I was gaining on and off on my own even before that, though! Since I began exploring weight gain at such a young age it is kind of hard to say exactly how much I’ve gained since I started to explore my gaining desires. I do know that since I have begun modeling I have put on close to 280 pounds!

TDB: What is the appeal of gaining?

Ivy: Perhaps my favorite thing about gaining is the feeling of my body expanding. I love noticing every new pound that is added to my body. As I gain, I notice some smaller changes to my body like my belly button deepening, my hips becoming slightly more round, or an extra roll on my upper arm. I have also noticed some very significant changes like my belly hanging so low that it completely covers my mound, becoming so wide that I have to turn sideways to fit through many doorways, and finding it more and more impossible to find a single article of clothing to fit my ever expanding body. Each one of these being more exciting to me than the next!

TDB: It sounds like it is quite the erotic experience!

Ivy: I kept eating and stuffing and grew fatter and fatter! I loved it! I kept getting fatter and fatter and the larger I became the more my sex drive increased! It is a very wild sensation, not to mention totally addicting! I kept going for more and more passing each of my goals much quicker than I had ever imagined.

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TDB: Do you find yourself constantly stepping on the scale, the same way somebody might after they have been dieting?

Ivy: I’ve surpassed every single single goal that I’ve set for myself in terms of weight gain by more than just a few pounds. I’ve enjoyed the process of setting and achieving goals immensely, however, at this point I am more focused on the sensation and eroticism of stuffing and being stuffed by my feeder than actually worrying about the numbers on my scale. Of course, a happy side effect of these passionate stuffing sessions is weight gain, but it is no longer my ultimate focus. I’m more consumed by the pleasure of the hedonistic journey I am taking rather than the quest for a few more pounds.

TBD: Thanks again for being with us, Ivy! 

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